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PY2PN: Perception, Tutorial #1

Tutorial date & time2010-01-14 10:00
Essay titleHow does the brain represent the body?
Essay deadline2010-02-01 12:00


One of the fundamental functions of the brain is to pilot the body around the world, as it interacts with or avoids objects, and detects and responds to various sensory stimuli. How does the brain represent the body in order to carry out these functions?

A representation is an 'image' or 'plan' or 'copy' of something. For example, a photograph of an apple is a realistic two-dimensional representation of an apple, while a cubist still-life painting of an apple is a more abstract representation of the apple. Both the photograph and the painting are representations, but they use different methods, systems, or principles to make the representation.

In which ways does the brain represent the body, the stimuli that impinge upon it, and the movements it makes? What are the rules, principles, or organisation that governs this(these) representation(s)?


  1. Independent reading & thinking
  2. Essay-writing practice & feedback
  3. Deepen knowledge of somatosensory perception

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