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Articles from Clinical Neurophysiology, 124(11)
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1. Strigaro G, Ruge D, Chen A, Rothwell JC, Cantello RM (2013) Visuomotor functional connectivity: a tms study. Clinical Neurophysiology, 124(11):e195
    [NBArticle #45662] [Cites 1]
2. Hashimoto Y, Ushiba J (2013) Eeg-based classification of imaginary left and right foot movements using beta rebound. Clinical Neurophysiology, 124(11):2153-2160
    [NBArticle #43972]
3. Andersson P, Ramsey NF, Viergever MA, Pluim JPW (2013) 7t fmri reveals feasibility of covert visual attention-based brain–computer interfacing with signals obtained solely from cortical grey matter accessible by subdural surface electrodes. Clinical Neurophysiology, 124(11):2191-2197
    [NBArticle #43973]
4. Inouchi M, Matsumoto R, Taki J, Kikuchi T, Mitsueda-Ono T, Mikuni N, Wheaton LA, Hallett M, Fukuyama H, Shibasaki H, Takahashi R, Ikeda A (2013) Role of posterior parietal cortex in reaching movements in humans: clinical implication for ‘optic ataxia’. Clinical Neurophysiology, 124(11):2230-2241
    [NBArticle #43974]