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Articles from Cerebral Cortex, 27(9)
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1. Massé IO, Ross S, Bronchti G, Boire D (2017) Asymmetric direct reciprocal connections between primary visual and somatosensory cortices of the mouse. Cerebral Cortex, 27(9):4361-4378
    [NBArticle #49214]
2. Reveley C, Gruslys A, Ye FQ, Glen DR, Samaha J, Russ BE, Saad ZS, Seth AK, Leopold DA, Saleem KS (2017) Three-dimensional digital template atlas of the macaque brain. Cerebral Cortex, 27(9):4463-4477
    [NBArticle #49215]
3. Zabicki A, de Haas B, Zentgraf K, Stark R, Munzert J, Krüger B (2017) Imagined and executed actions in the human motor system: testing neural similarity between execution and imagery of actions with a multivariate approach. Cerebral Cortex, 27(9):4523-4536
    [NBArticle #49216]
4. Steele CJ, Anwander A, Bazin P, Trampel R, Schaefer A, Turner R, Ramnani N, Villringer A (2017) Human cerebellar sub-millimeter diffusion imaging reveals the motor and non-motor topography of the dentate nucleus. Cerebral Cortex, 27(9):4537-4548
    [NBArticle #49217]
5. Deneux T, Grinvald A (2017) Milliseconds of sensory input abruptly modulate the dynamics of cortical states for seconds. Cerebral Cortex, 27(9):4549-4563
    [NBArticle #49218]
6. Dietrich C, Blume KR, Franz M, Huonker R, Carl M, Preißler S, Hofmann GO, Miltner WHR, Weiss T (2017) Dermatomal organization of si leg representation in humans: revising the somatosensory homunculus. Cerebral Cortex, 27(9):4564-4569
    [NBArticle #49219]