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Articles from Cerebral Cortex, 27(11)
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1. Federico P, Perez MA (2017) Distinct corticocortical contributions to human precision and power grip. Cerebral Cortex, 27(11):5070-5082
    [NBArticle #49622]
2. Bungert A, Antunes A, Espenhahn S, Thielscher A (2017) Where does tms stimulate the motor cortex? combining electrophysiological measurements and realistic field estimates to reveal the affected cortex position. Cerebral Cortex, 27(11):5083-5094
    [NBArticle #49623]
3. Paracampo R, Tidoni E, Borgomaneri S, di Pellegrino G, Avenanti A (2017) Sensorimotor network crucial for inferring amusement from smiles. Cerebral Cortex, 27(11):5116-5129
      [NBArticle #49701]
4. Kipping JA, Tuan TA, Fortier MV, Qiu A (2017) Asynchronous development of cerebellar, cerebello-cortical, and cortico-cortical functional networks in infancy, childhood, and adulthood. Cerebral Cortex, 27(11):5170-5184
    [NBArticle #49624]
5. Cappadocia DC, Monaco S, Chen Y, Blohm G, Crawford JD (2017) Temporal evolution of target representation, movement direction planning, and reach execution in occipital–parietal–frontal cortex: an fmri study. Cerebral Cortex, 27(11):5242-5260
    [NBArticle #49625]
6. Gogulski J, Zetter R, Nyrhinen M, Pertovaara A, Carlson S (2017) Neural substrate for metacognitive accuracy of tactile working memory. Cerebral Cortex, 27(11):5343-5352
    [NBArticle #49626]
7. Naito E, Morita T, Saito DN, Ban M, Shimada K, Okamoto Y, Kosaka H, Okazawa H, Asada M (2017) Development of right-hemispheric dominance of inferior parietal lobule in proprioceptive illusion task. Cerebral Cortex, 27(11):5385-5397
    [NBArticle #49627]