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Articles from Cerebellum, 7(3)
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1. Borsook D, Moulton EA, Tully S, Schmahmann JD, Becerra LR (2008) Human cerebellar responses to brush and heat stimuli in healthy and neuropathic pain subjects. Cerebellum, 7(3):252-272
    [NBArticle #49402]
2. Hu D, Shen H, Zhou Z (2008) Functional asymmetry in the cerebellum: a brief review. Cerebellum, 7(3):304-313
    [NBArticle #49403]
3. Jaatinen P, Rintala J (2008) Mechanisms of ethanol-induced degeneration in the developing, mature, and aging cerebellum. Cerebellum, 7(3):332-347
    [NBArticle #49404]
4. Timmann D, Lee P, Watts S, Hore J (2008b) Kinematics of arm joint rotations in cerebellar and unskilled subjects associated with the inability to throw fast. Cerebellum, 7(3):366
    [NBArticle #49401]