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Articles from Brain Research, 1642
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1. Sawada R, Doi H, Masataka N (2016) Processing of self-related kinematic information embedded in static handwritten characters. Brain Research, 1642:287-297
    [NBArticle #47804]
2. Kennefick M, Maslovat D, Chua R, Carlsen AN (2016) Corticospinal excitability is reduced in a simple reaction time task requiring complex timing. Brain Research, 1642:319-326
    [NBArticle #47802]
3. Weinstein M, Ben-Sira L, Moran A, Berger I, Marom R, Geva R, Gross-Tsur V, Leitner Y, Ben Bashat D (2016) The motor and visual networks in preterm infants: an fmri and dti study. Brain Research, 1642:603-611
    [NBArticle #47803]