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Articles from Brain, 114(6)
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1. Amassian VE, Somasundaram M, Rothwell JC, Britton TC, Cracco JB, Cracco RQ, Maccabee PJ, Day BL (1991a) Paraesthesias are elicited by single pulse, magnetic coil stimulation of motor cortex in susceptible humans. Brain, 114(6):2505-2520
      [NBArticle #34895] [CitedBy 2]
2. Sirigu A, Duhamel J, Poncet M (1991b) The role of sensorimotor experience in object recognition: A case of multimodal agnosia. Brain, 114(6):2555-2573
  [NBArticle #4893]
3. Castiello U, Paulignan Y, Jeannerod M (1991) Temporal dissociation of motor responses and subjective awareness: A study in normal subjects. Brain, 114(6):2639-2655
    [NBArticle #5205] [Cites 23] [CitedBy 9]