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Articles from Behavioural Brain Research, 142(1-2)
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1. Jeannerod M (2003) The mechanism of self-recognition in humans. Behavioural Brain Research, 142(1-2):1-15
  [NBArticle #11161] [CitedBy 10]
2. Hale BS, Raglin JS, Koceja DM (2003) Effect of mental imagery of a motor task on the Hoffmann reflex. Behavioural Brain Research, 142(1-2):81-87
      [NBArticle #31394]
3. Metz GAS, Gonzalez CLR, Piecharka DM, Whishaw IQ (2003) Acute alcohol administration improves skilled reaching success in intact but not 6-ohda dopamine depleted rats: a subsystems analysis of the motoric and anxiolytic effects of alcohol. Behavioural Brain Research, 142(1-2):167-174
      [NBArticle #49796]