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Articles from Neuroscience Letters, 470(1)
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1. Rabin E, Muratori L, Svokos K, Gordon AM (2010) Tactile/proprioceptive integration during arm localization is intact in individuals with Parkinson's disease. Neuroscience Letters, 470(1):38-42
    [NBArticle #28148]
2. Soliva JC, Moreno A, Fauquet J, Bielsa A, Carmona S, Gispert JD, Rovira M, Bulbena A, Vilarroya O (2010) Cerebellar neurometabolite abnormalities in pediatric attention/deficit hyperactivity disorder: a proton mr spectroscopic study. Neuroscience Letters, 470(1):60-64
      [NBArticle #34319] [Cites 9]