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Articles from NeuroReport, 28(13)
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1. Hayashi T, Onozato T, Wanajo I, Hayashi M, Takeda H, Fujimori Y (2017) Longitudinal analysis of motor symptoms and histopathology in woozy mice, a model of cerebellar ataxia. NeuroReport, 28(13):779-787
    [NBArticle #49500]
2. Ohbayashi W, Kakigi R, Nakata H (2017) Effects of white noise on event-related potentials in somatosensory go/no-go paradigms. NeuroReport, 28(13):788-792
    [NBArticle #49501]
3. Imanaka M, Kakigi R, Nakata H (2017) The relationship between cognitive style and event-related potentials during auditory and somatosensory go/no-go paradigms. NeuroReport, 28(13):822-827
    [NBArticle #49502]
4. Nakagawa K, Koyama S, Inui K, Tanaka S, Kakigi R, Sadato N (2017) Polarity-independent effects of transcranial direct current stimulation over the bilateral opercular somatosensory region: a magnetoencephalography study. NeuroReport, 28(13):838-844
      [NBArticle #49503]