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Articles from Neuropsychologia, 91
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1. Seegelke C, Güldenpenning I, Dettling J, Schack T (2016) Visuomotor priming of action preparation and motor programming is similar in visually guided and memory-guided actionsoriginal research article. Neuropsychologia, 91:1-8
    [NBArticle #45902]
2. Bruno N, Uccelli S, Viviani E, de'Sperati C (2016) Both vision-for-perception and vision-for-action follow weber's law at small object sizes, but violate it at larger sizes. Neuropsychologia, 91:327-334
    [NBArticle #45903]
3. Ego C, Bonhomme L, Orban de Xivry J, Da Fonseca D, Lefèvre P, Masson GS, Deruelle C (2016) Behavioral characterization of prediction and internal models in adolescents with autistic spectrum disorders. Neuropsychologia, 91:335-345
    [NBArticle #45904]
4. Markett S, Bleek B, Reuter M, Prüss H, Richardt K, Müller T, Yaruss JS, Montag C (2016) Impaired motor inhibition in adults who stutter – evidence from speech-free stop-signal reaction time tasks. Neuropsychologia, 91:444-450
    [NBArticle #45905]
5. Houvenaghel J, Duprez J, Argaud S, Naudet F, Dondaine T, Robert H, Drapier S, Haegelen C, Jannin P, Drapier D, Vérin M, Sauleau P (2016) Influence of subthalamic deep-brain stimulation on cognitive action control in incentive context. Neuropsychologia, 91:519-530
    [NBArticle #45906]
6. Hesse C, Miller L, Buckingham G (2016) Visual information about object size and object position are retained differently in the visual brain: evidence from grasping studies. Neuropsychologia, 91:531-543
    [NBArticle #45907]
7. Horvath JC, Carter O, Forte JD (2016) No significant effect of transcranial direct current stimulation (tdcs) found on simple motor reaction time comparing 15 different simulation protocols. Neuropsychologia, 91:544-552
    [NBArticle #45908]