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Articles from Neuropsychologia, 45(3)
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1. Pavani F, Murray MM, Schroeder CE (2007) Rethinking mind, brain and behaviour through a multisensory perspective. Neuropsychologia, 45(3):467-468
  [NBArticle #15660]
2. Bruno N, Jacomuzzi A, Bertamini M, Meyer GF (2007) A visual-haptic Necker cube reveals temporal constraints on intersensory merging during perceptual exploration. Neuropsychologia, 45(3):469-475
  [NBArticle #16454]
3. Peltier SJ, Stilla R, Mariola E, LaConte SM, Hu X, Sathian K (2007) Activity and effective connectivity of parietal and occipital cortical regions during haptic shape perception. Neuropsychologia, 45(3):476-483
  [NBArticle #14146]
4. Cooke T, Jäkel F, Wallraven C, Bülthoff HH (2007) Multimodal similarity and categorization of novel, three-dimensional objects. Neuropsychologia, 45(3):484-495
  [NBArticle #16455]
5. Snijders HJ, Holmes NP, Spence C (2007) Direction-dependent integration of vision and proprioception in reaching under the influence of the mirror illusion. Neuropsychologia, 45(3):496-505
        [NBArticle #16238] [Cites 19] [CitedBy 40]
6. Casey SJ, Newell FN (2007) Are representations of unfamiliar faces independent of encoding modality? Neuropsychologia, 45(3):506-513
  [NBArticle #16456]
7. Mazza V, Turatto M, Rossi M, Umiltà CA (2007) How automatic are audiovisual links in exogenous spatial attention? Neuropsychologia, 45(3):514-522
  [NBArticle #16457]
8. Meienbrock A, Naumer MJ, Doehrmann O, Singer W, Muckli L (2007) Retinotopic effects during spatial audio-visual integration. Neuropsychologia, 45(3):531-539
  [NBArticle #14571] [CitedBy 1]
9. Brooks A, van der Zwan R, Billard AG, Petreska B, Clarke S, Blanke O (2007) Auditory motion affects visual biological motion processing. Neuropsychologia, 45(3):540-551
  [NBArticle #16458]
10. Spierer L, Meuli RA, Clarke S (2007) Extinction of auditory stimuli in hemineglect: Space versus ear. Neuropsychologia, 45(3):540-551
  [NBArticle #14545]
11. Sinnett S, Juncadella M, Rafal RD, Soto-Faraco S (2007) A dissociation between visual and auditory hemi-inattention: Evidence from temporal order judgements. Neuropsychologia, 45(3):552-560
  [NBArticle #14302]
12. Senkowski D, Talsma D, Grigutsch M, Herrmann CS, Woldorff MG (2007) Good times for multisensory integration: Effects of the precision of temporal synchrony as revealed by gamma-band oscillations. Neuropsychologia, 45(3):561-571
  [NBArticle #16459]
13. Vroomen J, van Linden S, de Gelder B, Bertelson P (2007) Visual recalibration and selective adaptation in auditoryvisual speech perception: Contrasting build-up courses. Neuropsychologia, 45(3):572-577
  [NBArticle #16460]
14. Bischoff M, Walter B, Blecker CR, Morgen K, Vaitl D, Sammer G (2007) Utilizing the ventriloquism-effect to investigate audio-visual binding. Neuropsychologia, 45(3):578-586
      [NBArticle #15432]
15. Saint-Amour D, De Sanctis P, Molholm S, Ritter W, Foxe JJ (2007) Seeing voices: High-density electrical mapping and source-analysis of the multisensory mismatch negativity evoked during the McGurk illusion. Neuropsychologia, 45(3):587-597
  [NBArticle #16461]
16. van Wassenhove V, Grant KW, Poeppel D (2007) Temporal window of integration in auditory-visual speech perception. Neuropsychologia, 45(3):598-607
  [NBArticle #16462]
17. Gentilucci M, Bernardis P (2007) Imitation during phoneme production. Neuropsychologia, 45(3):608-615
  [NBArticle #16463]