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Articles from Neuropsychologia, 106
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1. Gutteling TP, Schutter DJL, Medendorp WP (2017) Alpha-band transcranial alternating current stimulation modulates precision, but not gain during whole-body spatial updating. Neuropsychologia, 106:52-59
    [NBArticle #49940]
2. Santo MGE, Maxim OS, Schürmann M (2017) N1 responses to images of hands in occipito-temporal event-related potentials. Neuropsychologia, 106:83-89
    [NBArticle #49941]
3. Cesanek E, Domini F (2017) Error correction and spatial generalization in human grasp control. Neuropsychologia, 106:112-122
    [NBArticle #49942]
4. McIntosh RD, McWhirter L, Ludwig L, Carson A, Stone J (2017) Attention and sensation in functional motor disorder. Neuropsychologia, 106:207-215
    [NBArticle #49943]
5. Zhao TC, Lam HTG, Sohi H, Kuhl PK (2017) Neural processing of musical meter in musicians and non-musicians. Neuropsychologia, 106:289-297
    [NBArticle #49944]
6. Dovern A, Niessen E, Ant JM, Saliger J, Karbe H, Fink GR, Koch I, Weiss PH (2017) Timing independent spatial motor sequence learning is preserved in left hemisphere stroke. Neuropsychologia, 106:322-327
    [NBArticle #49945]