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Articles from NeuroImage, 35(1)
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1. Thirion B, Pinel P, Meriaux S, Roche A, Dehaene S, Poline J (2007) Analysis of a large fMRI cohort: Statistical and methodological issues for group analyses. NeuroImage, 35(1):105-120
      [NBArticle #26696]
2. Malinen S, Hlushchuk Y, Hari R (2007) Towards natural stimulation in fmri--issues of data analysis. NeuroImage, 35(1):131-139
      [NBArticle #50181]
3. Tecchio F, Rossini PM (2007) Somatosensory dynamic gamma-band synchrony: A neural code of sensorimotor dexterity. NeuroImage, 35(1):185-193
  [NBArticle #19876]
4. Meylan RV, Murray MM (2007) Auditory-visual multisensory interactions attenuate subsequent visual responses in humans. NeuroImage, 35(1):244-254
  [NBArticle #16738]
5. Giabbiconi C, Trujillo-Barreto NJ, Gruber T, Müller MM (2007) Sustained spatial attention to vibration is mediated in primary somatosensory cortex. NeuroImage, 35(1):255-262
  [NBArticle #16739]
6. Arzy S, Mohr C, Michel CM, Blanke O (2007) Duration and not strength of activation in temporo-parietal cortex positively correlates with schizotypy. NeuroImage, 35(1):326-333
      [NBArticle #29038] [CitedBy 1]
7. Grewe T (2007) The role of the posterior superior temporal sulcus in the processing of unmarked transitivity. NeuroImage, 35(1):343-342
  [NBArticle #16740]
8. Fair DA, Petersen SE (2007) A method for using blocked and event-related fMRI data to study "resting state" functional connectivity. NeuroImage, 35(1):396-405
  [NBArticle #19877]