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1. Dubbioso R, Raffin E, Karabanov AN, Thielscher A, Siebner HR (2017) Centre-surround organization of fast sensorimotor integration in human motor hand area. NeuroImage, 158:37-47
    [NBArticle #49351]
2. Rastogi A, Cash RFH, Dunlop K, Vesia M, Kucyi A, Ghahremani A, Downar J, Chen JL, Chen R (2017) Modulation of cognitive cerebello-cerebral functional connectivity by lateral cerebellar continuous theta burst stimulation. NeuroImage, 158:48-57
    [NBArticle #49352]
3. Fricke C, Gentner R, Rumpf J, Weise D, Saur D, Classen J (2017) Differential spatial representation of precision and power grasps in the human motor system. NeuroImage, 158:58-69
    [NBArticle #49353]
4. Ronchi R, Bernasconi F, Pfeiffer C, Bello-Ruiz J, Kaliuzhna M, Blanke O (2017) Interoceptive signals impact visual processing: cardiac modulation of visual body perception. NeuroImage, 158:176-185
    [NBArticle #48942] [Cites 1]
5. Koivisto M, Harjuniemi I, Railo H, Salminen-Vaparanta N, Revonsuo A (2017) Transcranial magnetic stimulation of early visual cortex suppresses conscious representations in a dichotomous manner without gradually decreasing their precision. NeuroImage, 158:308-318
    [NBArticle #49354]