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Articles from NeuroImage, 149
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1. Pereira J, Ofner P, Schwarz A, Sburlea AI, Müller-Putz GR (2017) Eeg neural correlates of goal-directed movement intention. NeuroImage, 149:129-140
    [NBArticle #47885]
2. Ji G, Yu F, Liao W, Wang K (2017) Dynamic aftereffects in supplementary motor network following inhibitory transcranial magnetic stimulation protocols. NeuroImage, 149:285-294
    [NBArticle #47886]
3. Balan PF, Gerits A, Mantini D, Vanduffel W (2017) Selective tms-induced modulation of functional connectivity correlates with changes in behavior. NeuroImage, 149:361-378
    [NBArticle #47887]