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Articles from NeuroImage, 147
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1. Whitmarsh S, Oostenveld R, Almeida R, Lundqvist D (2017) Metacognition of attention during tactile discrimination. NeuroImage, 147:121-129
    [NBArticle #47367]
2. Branco MP, Freudenburg ZV, Aarnoutse EJ, Bleichner MG, Vansteensel MJ, Ramsey NF (2017) Decoding hand gestures from primary somatosensory cortex using high-density ecog. NeuroImage, 147:130-142
    [NBArticle #47368]
3. Espenhahn S, de Berker AO, van Wijk BCM, Rossiter HE, Ward NS (2017) Movement-related beta oscillations show high intra-individual reliability. NeuroImage, 147:175-185
    [NBArticle #47369]
4. Fujiwara Y, Matsumoto R, Nakae T, Usami K, Matsuhashi M, Kikuchi T, Yoshida K, Kunieda T, Miyamoto S, Mima T, Ikeda A, Osu R (2017) Neural pattern similarity between contra- and ipsilateral movements in high-frequency band of human electrocorticograms. NeuroImage, 147:302-313
    [NBArticle #47370]
5. Combrisson E, Perrone-Bertolotti M, Soto JLP, Alamian G, Kahane P, Lachaux J, Guillot A, Jerbi K (2017) From intentions to actions: neural oscillations encode motor processes through phase, amplitude and phase-amplitude coupling. NeuroImage, 147:473-487
    [NBArticle #47371]
6. Grivaz P, Blanke O, Serino A (2017) Common and distinct brain regions processing multisensory bodily signals for peripersonal space and body ownership. NeuroImage, 147:602-618
    [NBArticle #47025] [Cites 3]
7. Chen G, Taylor PA, Cox RW (2017) Is the statistic value all we should care about in neuroimaging? NeuroImage, 147:952-959
    [NBArticle #47372]