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Articles from NeuroImage, 146
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1. Xiao R, Qi X, Patino A, Fagg AH, Kolobe THA, Miller DP, Ding L (2017) Characterization of infant mu rhythm immediately before crawling: a high-resolution eeg study. NeuroImage, 146:47-57
    [NBArticle #47358]
2. Limanowski J, Kirilina E, Blankenburg F (2017) Neuronal correlates of continuous manual tracking under varying visual movement feedback in a virtual reality environment. NeuroImage, 146:81-89
    [NBArticle #46251] [Cites 1]
3. Parlatini V, Radua J, dell'Acqua F, Leslie A, Simmons A, Murphy DGM, Catani M, Thiebaut de Schotten M (2017) Functional segregation and integration within fronto-parietal networks. NeuroImage, 146:367-375
    [NBArticle #47359]
4. Budisavljevic S, dell'Acqua F, Djordjilovic V, Miotto D, Motta R, Castiello U (2017) The role of the frontal aslant tract and premotor connections in visually guided hand movements. NeuroImage, 146:419-428
    [NBArticle #47360]
5. Murta T, Chaudhary UJ, Tierney TM, Dias A, Leite M, Carmichael DW, Figueiredo P, Lemieux L (2017) Phase–amplitude coupling and the bold signal: a simultaneous intracranial eeg (iceeg) - fmri study in humans performing a finger-tapping task. NeuroImage, 146:438-451
    [NBArticle #47361]
6. Amoruso L, Ibáñez A, Fonseca B, Gadea S, Sedeño L, Sigman M, García AM, Fraiman R, Fraiman D (2017) Variability in functional brain networks predicts expertise during action observation. NeuroImage, 146:690-700
    [NBArticle #47362]
7. Bardi L, Gheza D, Brass M (2017) Tpj-m1 interaction in the control of shared representations: new insights from tdcs and tms combined. NeuroImage, 146:734-740
    [NBArticle #47363]
8. Cona G, Marino G, Semenza C (2017) Tms of supplementary motor area (sma) facilitates mental rotation performance: evidence for sequence processing in sma. NeuroImage, 146:770-777
    [NBArticle #47364]
9. Denis D, Rowe R, Williams AM, Milne E (2017) The role of cortical sensorimotor oscillations in action anticipation. NeuroImage, 146:1102-1114
    [NBArticle #47365]
10. Derosiere G, Zénon A, Alamia A, Duque J (2017) Primary motor cortex contributes to the implementation of implicit value-based rules during motor decisions. NeuroImage, 146:1115-1127
    [NBArticle #47366]