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Articles from NeuroImage, 139
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1. Greenhouse I, Noah S, Maddock RJ, Ivry RB (2016) Individual differences in gaba content are reliable but are not uniform across the human cortex. NeuroImage, 139:1-7
    [NBArticle #45495]
2. Westerhausen R, Fjell AM, Krogsrud SK, Rohani DA, Skranes JS, Håberg AK, Walhovd KB (2016) Selective increase in posterior corpus callosum thickness between the age of 4 and 11 years. NeuroImage, 139:17-25
    [NBArticle #45487]
3. Mutanen TP, Kukkonen M, Nieminen JO, Stenroos M, Sarvas J, Ilmoniemi RJ (2016) Recovering tms-evoked eeg responses masked by muscle artifacts. NeuroImage, 139:157-166
    [NBArticle #45488]
4. Conradi N, Abel C, Frisch S, Kell CA, Kaiser J, Schmidt-Kassow M (2016) Actively but not passively synchronized motor activity amplifies predictive timing. NeuroImage, 139:211-217
    [NBArticle #45489]
5. Sánchez-Carmona AJ, Albert J, Hinojosa JA (2016) Neural and behavioral correlates of selective stopping: evidence for a different strategy adoption. NeuroImage, 139:279-293
    [NBArticle #45490]
6. van Maanen L, Fontanesi L, Hawkins GE, Forstmann BU (2016) Striatal activation reflects urgency in perceptual decision making. NeuroImage, 139:294-303
    [NBArticle #45491]
7. Sailer U, Triscoli C, Häggblad G, Hamilton P, Olausson HW, Croy I (2016) Temporal dynamics of brain activation during 40 minutes of pleasant touch. NeuroImage, 139:360-367
    [NBArticle #45492]
8. Marsh LE, Bird G, Catmur C (2016) The imitation game: effects of social cues on ‘imitation’ are domain-general in nature. NeuroImage, 139:368-375
    [NBArticle #45493]
9. Fracasso A, Petridou N, Dumoulin SO (2016) Systematic variation of population receptive field properties across cortical depth in human visual cortex. NeuroImage, 139:427-438
    [NBArticle #45494]