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Articles from Journal of Neurophysiology, 117(4)
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1. Oswald K, Campbell R, Wright M (2017) Motor outcomes of feedback delays and implicit/explicit strategy use: experimental considerations and clinical implications. Journal of Neurophysiology, 117(4):1423-1425
    [NBArticle #47877]
2. Shadmehr R (2017) Distinct neural circuits for control of movement vs. holding still. Journal of Neurophysiology, 117(4):1431-1460
    [NBArticle #47878]
3. Casartelli L, Federici A, Cesareo A, Biffi E, Valtorta G, Molteni M, Ronconi L, Borgatti R (2017) Role of the cerebellum in high stages of motor planning hierarchy. Journal of Neurophysiology, 117(4):1474-1482
    [NBArticle #47880]
4. Casamento-Moran A, Chen Y, Lodha N, Yacoubi B, Christou EA (2017) Motor plan differs for young and older adults during similar movements. Journal of Neurophysiology, 117(4):1483-1488
    [NBArticle #47879]
5. Rule ME, Vargas-Irwin CE, Donoghue JP, Truccolo W (2017) Dissociation between sustained single-neuron spiking and transient β-lfp oscillations in primate motor cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology, 117(4):1524-1543
    [NBArticle #47882]
6. Debats NB, Ernst MO, Heuer H (2017) Perceptual attraction in tool use: evidence for a reliability-based weighting mechanism. Journal of Neurophysiology, 117(4):1569-1580
    [NBArticle #47881]
7. Watkins RH, Wessberg J, Wasling HB, Dunham JP, Olausson HW, Johnson RD, Ackerley R (2017) Optimal delineation of single c-tactile and c-nociceptive afferents in humans by latency slowing. Journal of Neurophysiology, 117(4):1608-1614
    [NBArticle #47883]