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Articles from Journal of Neurophysiology, 117(3)
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1. Yates BJ (2017) The “new realities” of peer review. Journal of Neurophysiology, 117(3):869-871
    [NBArticle #47721]
2. Yokoi A, Bai W, Diedrichsen J (2017) Restricted transfer of learning between unimanual and bimanual finger sequences. Journal of Neurophysiology, 117(3):1043-1051
    [NBArticle #47722]
3. Caranzano L, Stephan MA, Herrmann FR, Benninger DH (2017) Desynchronization does not contribute to intracortical inhibition and facilitation: a paired-pulse paradigm study combined with tst. Journal of Neurophysiology, 117(3):1052-1056
    [NBArticle #47724]
4. Lowrey CR, Nashed JY, Scott SH (2017) Rapid and flexible whole body postural responses are evoked from perturbations to the upper limb during goal-directed reaching. Journal of Neurophysiology, 117(3):1070-1083
    [NBArticle #47723]