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Articles from Journal of Neurophysiology, 116(3)
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1. Mirdamadi JL (2016) Cerebellar role in parkinson's disease. Journal of Neurophysiology, 116(3):917-919
    [NBArticle #44889]
2. Noda Y, Cash RFH, Zomorrodi R, Dominguez LG, Farzan F, Rajji TK, Barr MS, Chen R, Daskalakis ZJ, Blumberger DM (2016) A combined tms-eeg study of short-latency afferent inhibition in the motor and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology, 116(3):938-948
    [NBArticle #44892]
3. Feldman AG (2016) Active sensing without efference copy: referent control of perception. Journal of Neurophysiology, 116(3):960-976
    [NBArticle #44890]
4. Drummond NM, Cressman EK, Carlsen AN (2016) Startle reveals decreased response preparatory activation during a stop-signal task. Journal of Neurophysiology, 116(3):986-994
    [NBArticle #44891]
5. Mackey WE, Devinsky O, Doyle WK, Golfinos JG, Curtis CE (2016) Human parietal cortex lesions impact the precision of spatial working memory. Journal of Neurophysiology, 116(3):1049-1054
    [NBArticle #44893]