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Articles from Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(2)
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1. Yau JM, Kim SS, Thakur PH, Bensmaia SJ (2016) Feeling form: the neural basis of haptic shape perception. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(2):631-642
    [NBArticle #43732]
2. Nguyen EHL, Taylor JL, Brooks J, Seizova-Cajic T (2016) Velocity of motion across the skin influences perception of tactile location. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(2):674-684
    [NBArticle #43733]
3. Klöcker A, Gueorguiev D, Thonnard J, Mouraux A (2016) Peripheral vs. central determinants of vibrotactile adaptation. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(2):685-691
    [NBArticle #43734]
4. Macefield VG, Norcliffe-Kaufmann L, Goulding N, Palma J, Mora CF, Kaufmann H (2016) Increasing cutaneous afferent feedback improves proprioceptive accuracy at the knee in patients with sensory ataxia. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(2):711-716
    [NBArticle #43741]
5. Suppa A, Di Stasio F, Marsili L, Upadhyay N, Belvisi D, Conte A, Modugno N, Colosimo C, Berardelli A (2016) Primary motor cortex ltp/ltd-like plasticity in probable corticobasal syndrome. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(2):717-727
    [NBArticle #43740]
6. Buonocore A, McIntosh RD, Melcher D (2016) Beyond the point of no return: effects of visual distractors on saccade amplitude and velocity. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(2):752-762
    [NBArticle #43736]
7. Scheerer NE, Tumber AK, Jones JA (2016) Attentional demands modulate sensorimotor learning induced by persistent exposure to changes in auditory feedback. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(2):826-832
    [NBArticle #43737]
8. Aoki T, Rivlis G, Schieber MH (2016) Handedness and index finger movements performed on a small touchscreen. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(2):858-867
    [NBArticle #43738]
9. Lizama LEC, Pijnappels M, Reeves NP, Verschueren SMP, van Dieën JH (2016) Can explicit visual feedback of postural sway efface the effects of sensory manipulations on mediolateral balance performance? Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(2):907-914
    [NBArticle #43739]
10. Carland MA, Marcos E, Thura D, Cisek P (2016) Evidence against perfect integration of sensory information during perceptual decision making. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(2):915-930
    [NBArticle #43742]
11. Curtice KJ, Leavitt LS, Chase K, Raghuraman S, Horvath MP, Olivera BM, Teichert RW (2016) Classifying neuronal subclasses of the cerebellum through constellation pharmacology. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(2):1031-1042
    [NBArticle #43735]