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Articles from Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(1)
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1. Vinci-Booher SA, James KH (2016) Neural substrates of sensorimotor processes: letter writing and letter perception. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(1):1-4
    [NBArticle #43721]
2. Merfeld DM, Clark TK, Lu YM, Karmali F (2016) Dynamics of individual perceptual decisions. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(1):39-59
    [NBArticle #43722]
3. Wardak C, Guipponi O, Pinède S, Ben Hamed S (2016) Tactile representation of the head and shoulders assessed by fmri in the nonhuman primate. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(1):80-91
    [NBArticle #43723]
4. Cho Y, Craig JC, Hsiao SS, Bensmaia SJ (2016) Vision is superior to touch in shape perception even with equivalent peripheral input. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(1):92-99
    [NBArticle #43724]
5. Fortier-Poisson P, Langlais J, Smith AM (2016) Correlation of fingertip shear force direction with somatosensory cortical activity in monkey. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(1):100-111
    [NBArticle #43725]
6. Fortier-Poisson P, Smith AM (2016) Neuronal activity in somatosensory cortex related to tactile exploration. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(1):112-1262
    [NBArticle #43726]
7. Calabro FJ, Perez MA (2016) Bilateral reach-to-grasp movement asymmetries after human spinal cord injury. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(1):157-167
    [NBArticle #43727]
8. Bufacchi RJ, Liang M, Griffin LD, Iannetti GD (2016) A geometric model of defensive peripersonal space. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(1):218-225
    [NBArticle #43730]
9. Tomatsu S, Ishikawa T, Tsunoda Y, Lee J, Hoffman DS, Kakei S (2016) Information processing in the hemisphere of the cerebellar cortex for control of wrist movement. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(1):255-270
    [NBArticle #43728]
10. Ego C, Yüksel D, Orban de Xivry J, Lefèvre P (2016) Development of internal models and predictive abilities for visual tracking during childhood. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(1):301-309
    [NBArticle #43729]
11. Boada MD, Eisenach JC, Ririe DG (2016) Mechanical sensibility of nociceptive and non-nociceptive fast-conducting afferents is modulated by skin temperature. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(1):546-553
    [NBArticle #43731]