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Articles from Journal of Neurophysiology, 114(6)
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1. Adam R, Isabella S, Chan JL (2015) Insight into motor control and motor impairment from stroke and beta oscillations. Journal of Neurophysiology, 114(6):3033-3035
    [NBArticle #42404]
2. Peters RM, Staibano P, Goldreich D (2015) Tactile orientation perception: an ideal observer analysis of human psychophysical performance in relation to macaque area 3b receptive fields. Journal of Neurophysiology, 114(6):3076-3096
    [NBArticle #42405]
3. van Ede F, Winner T, Maris E (2015) Touch automatically upregulates motor readiness in humans. Journal of Neurophysiology, 114(6):3121-3130
    [NBArticle #42406]
4. Dallmann CJ, Ernst MO, Moscatelli A (2015) The role of vibration in tactile speed perception. Journal of Neurophysiology, 114(6):3131-3139
    [NBArticle #42407]
5. Stockinger C, Thürer B, Focke A, Stein T (2015) Intermanual transfer characteristics of dynamic learning: direction, coordinate frame, and consolidation of interlimb generalization. Journal of Neurophysiology, 114(6):3166-3176
    [NBArticle #42408]
6. Weiler J, Gribble PL, Pruszynski JA (2015) Goal-dependent modulation of the long-latency stretch response at the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Journal of Neurophysiology, 114(6):3242-3254
    [NBArticle #42409]
7. Rouse AG, Schieber MH (2015) Spatiotemporal distribution of location and object effects in reach-to-grasp kinematics. Journal of Neurophysiology, 114(6):3268-3282
    [NBArticle #42410]
8. Simon NW, Wood J, Moghaddam B (2015) Action-outcome relationships are represented differently by medial prefrontal and orbitofrontal cortex neurons during action execution. Journal of Neurophysiology, 114(6):3374-3385
    [NBArticle #42411]