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Articles from Frontiers in Psychology, 1
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1. Coulson M, Healey M, Fidler F, Cumming G (2010) Confidence intervals permit, but don’t guarantee, better inference than statistical significance testing. Frontiers in Psychology, 1:26
    [NBArticle #36268] [CitedBy 1]
2. Nikolov S, Rahnev DA, Lau HC (2010) Probabilistic model of onset detection explains paradoxes in human time perception. Frontiers in Psychology, 1:37
      [NBArticle #43291]
3. Tian X, Poeppel D (2010) Mental imagery of speech and movement implicates the dynamics of internal forward models. Frontiers in Psychology, 1:166
    [NBArticle #44574]
4. Grube M, Lee K, Griffiths TD, Barker AT, Woodruff PWR (2010) Transcranial magnetic theta-burst stimulation of the human cerebellum distinguishes absolute, duration-based from relative, beat-based perception of subsecond time intervals. Frontiers in Psychology, 1:171
    [NBArticle #44573]
5. Mizelle JC, Wheaton LA (2010) The neuroscience of storing and molding tool action concepts: how “plastic” is grounded cognition? Frontiers in Psychology, 1:195
    [NBArticle #44576] [CommentsIn 1]
6. Verschoor SA, Weidema M, Biro S, Hommel B (2010) Where do action goals come from? evidence for spontaneous action–effect binding in infants. Frontiers in Psychology, 1:201
    [NBArticle #44575]
7. Trojan J, Stolle AM, Carl AM, Kleinböhl D, Hölzl R (2010) Spatiotemporal integration in somatosensory perception: effects of sensory saltation on pointing at perceived positions on the body surface. Frontiers in Psychology, 1:206
      [NBArticle #34631] [Cites 1]
8. Vlainic E, Liepelt R, Colzato LS, Prinz W, Hommel B (2010) The virtual co-actor: the social simon effect does not rely on online feedback from the other. Frontiers in Psychology, 1:208
    [NBArticle #34579] [CitedBy 1]
9. Mayor J (2010) Are scientists nearsighted gamblers? the misleading nature of impact factors. Frontiers in Psychology, 1:215
    [NBArticle #35282]
10. Chapin HL, Zanto TP, Jantzen KJ, Kelso JAS, Steinberg FL, Large EW (2010) Neural responses to complex auditory rhythms: the role of attending. Frontiers in Psychology, 1:224
    [NBArticle #44577]