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Articles from Brain Stimulation, 9(6)
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1. Dyke K, Kim S, Jackson GM, Jackson SR (2016) Intra-subject consistency and reliability of response following 2 ma transcranial direct current stimulation. Brain Stimulation, 9(6):819-825
    [NBArticle #45951]
2. Baxter BS, Edelman BJ, Nesbitt N, He B (2016) Sensorimotor rhythm bci with simultaneous high definition-transcranial direct current stimulation alters task performance. Brain Stimulation, 9(6):834-841
    [NBArticle #45952]
3. Nakamura K, Groiss SJ, Hamada M, Enomoto H, Kadowaki S, Abe M, Murakami T, Wiratman W, Chang F, Kobayashi S, Hanajima R, Terao Y, Ugawa Y (2016) Variability in response to quadripulse stimulation of the motor cortex. Brain Stimulation, 9(6):859-866
    [NBArticle #45953]
4. Thompson B (2016) Psychophysical and rtms evidence for the presence of motion opponency in human v5. Brain Stimulation, 9(6):876-881
    [NBArticle #45954]
5. Nigmatullina Y, Siddiqui S, Khan S, Sander K, Lobo R, Bronstein AM, Arshad Q (2016) Lateralisation of the vestibular cortex is more pronounced in left-handers. Brain Stimulation, 9(6):942-944
    [NBArticle #45955]
6. Badran BW, Glusman CE, Austelle CW, Jenkins S, DeVries WH, Galbraith V, Thomas T, Adams TG Jr, George MS, Revuelta GJ (2016) A double-blind, sham-controlled pilot trial of pre-supplementary motor area (pre-sma) 1 hz rtms to treat essential tremor. Brain Stimulation, 9(6):945-947
    [NBArticle #45956]