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Articles from Brain Stimulation, 10(5)
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1. Braun V, Sokoliuk R, Hanslmayr S (2017) On the effectiveness of event-related beta tacs on episodic memory formation and motor cortex excitability. Brain Stimulation, 10(5):910-918
    [NBArticle #49262]
2. Obeso I, Wilkinson L, Teo JTH, Talelli P, Rothwell JC, Jahanshahi M (2017) Theta burst magnetic stimulation over the pre-supplementary motor area improves motor inhibition. Brain Stimulation, 10(5):944-951
    [NBArticle #49263]
3. Rosso C, Perlbarg V, Valabregue R, Obadia M, Kemlin-M├ęchin C, Moulton EA, Leder S, Meunier S, Lamy J (2017) Anatomical and functional correlates of cortical motor threshold of the dominant hand. Brain Stimulation, 10(5):952-958
    [NBArticle #49264]