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Articles from Brain Stimulation, 10(1)
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1. Cirillo G, Di Pino G, Capone F, Ranieri F, Florio L, Todisco V, Tedeschi G, Funke K, di Lazzaro V (2017) Neurobiological after-effects of non-invasive brain stimulation. Brain Stimulation, 10(1):1-18
    [NBArticle #47404]
2. Rogasch NC, Goldsworthy MR, Ridding MC, Semmler JG (2017) Investigating tms–eeg indices of long-interval intracortical inhibition at different interstimulus intervals. Brain Stimulation, 10(1):65-74
    [NBArticle #47405]
3. Cash RFH, Jegatheeswaran G, Ni Z, Chen R (2017) Modulation of the direction and magnitude of hebbian plasticity in human motor cortex by stimulus intensity and concurrent inhibition. Brain Stimulation, 10(1):83-90
    [NBArticle #47406]
4. Lin T, Jiang L, Dou Z, Wu C, Liu F, Xu G (2017) Effects of theta burst stimulation on suprahyoid motor cortex excitability in healthy subjects. Brain Stimulation, 10(1):91-98
    [NBArticle #47407]
5. Peterchev AV, Luber B, Westin GG, Lisanby SH (2017) Pulse width affects scalp sensation of transcranial magnetic stimulation. Brain Stimulation, 10(1):99-105
    [NBArticle #47408]
6. Hannah R, Rothwell JC (2017) Pulse duration as well as current direction determines the specificity of transcranial magnetic stimulation of motor cortex during contraction. Brain Stimulation, 10(1):106-115
    [NBArticle #47409]
7. Lotze M, Ladda AM, Roschka S, Platz T, Dinse HR (2017) Priming hand motor training with repetitive stimulation of the fingertips; performance gain and functional imaging of training effects. Brain Stimulation, 10(1):139-146
    [NBArticle #47410]