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Articles from Human Movement Science, 55
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1. Bahmani M, Wulf G, Ghadiri F, Karimi S, Lewthwaite R (2017) Enhancing performance expectancies through visual illusions facilitates motor learning in children. Human Movement Science, 55:1-7
    [NBArticle #49243]
2. Martin E, Blais M, Albaret J, Pariente J, Tallet J (2017) Alteration of rhythmic unimanual tapping and anti-phase bimanual coordination in alzheimer’s disease: a sign of inter-hemispheric disconnection? Human Movement Science, 55:43-53
    [NBArticle #49244]
3. Carver NS, Bojovic D, Kelty-Stephen DG (2017) Multifractal foundations of visually-guided aiming and adaptation to prismatic perturbation. Human Movement Science, 55:61-72
    [NBArticle #49245]
4. Adams ILJ, Lust JM, Wilson PH, Steenbergen B (2017) Development of motor imagery and anticipatory action planning in children with developmental coordination disorder – a longitudinal approach. Human Movement Science, 55:296-306
    [NBArticle #49246]
5. Singh T, Ambike SS (2017) A soft-contact model for computing safety margins in human prehension. Human Movement Science, 55:307-314
    [NBArticle #49247]
6. Gomez A, Piazza M, Jobert A, Dehaene-Lambertz G, Huron C (2017) Numerical abilities of school-age children with developmental coordination disorder (dcd): a behavioral and eye-tracking study. Human Movement Science, 55:315-326
    [NBArticle #49248]
7. Smits-Engelsman BCM, Jelsma LD, Ferguson GD (2017) The effect of exergames on functional strength, anaerobic fitness, balance and agility in children with and without motor coordination difficulties living in low-income communities. Human Movement Science, 55:327-337
    [NBArticle #49249]