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Articles from Human Movement Science, 54
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1. Johari K, Behroozmand R (2017) Temporal predictive mechanisms modulate motor reaction time during initiation and inhibition of speech and hand movement. Human Movement Science, 54:41-50
    [NBArticle #49114]
2. Yoxon E, Pacione SM, Song J, Welsh TN (2017) The action-specific effect of execution on imagination of reciprocal aiming movements. Human Movement Science, 54:51-62
    [NBArticle #49115]
3. Sarpeshkar V, Mann DL, Spratford W, Abernethy B (2017) The influence of ball-swing on the timing and coordination of a natural interceptive task. Human Movement Science, 54:82-100
    [NBArticle #49116]
4. Voyer D, Jansen P (2017) Motor expertise and performance in spatial tasks: a meta-analysis. Human Movement Science, 54:110-124
    [NBArticle #49117]
5. Zago M, Pacifici I, Lovecchio N, Galli M, Federolf PA, Sforza C (2017) Multi-segmental movement patterns reflect juggling complexity and skill level. Human Movement Science, 54:144-153
    [NBArticle #49118]
6. Ray MC, De Grosbois J, Welsh TN (2017) Index of difficulty and side of space are accommodated during the selection and planning of a joint action. Human Movement Science, 54:197-209
    [NBArticle #49119]
7. Pflug A, Gompf F, Kell CA (2017) Bimanual tapping of a syncopated rhythm reveals hemispheric preferences for relative movement frequencies. Human Movement Science, 54:287-297
    [NBArticle #49120]
8. Yan JH (2017) Children benefit differently from night- and day-time sleep in motor learning. Human Movement Science, 54:297-307
    [NBArticle #49121]