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Articles from Human Movement Science, 53
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1. Smits-Engelsman BCM, Jover M, Green D, Ferguson GD, Wilson PH (2017) Dcd and comorbidity in neurodevelopmental disorder: how to deal with complexity? Human Movement Science, 53:1-4
    [NBArticle #48612]
2. Rosenblum S, Waissman P, Diamond GW (2017) Identifying play characteristics of pre-school children with developmental coordination disorder via parental questionnaires. Human Movement Science, 53:5-15
    [NBArticle #48613]
3. Rigoli D, Kane RT, Mancini V, Thornton AL, Licari MK, Hands B, McIntyre F, Piek JP (2017) The relationship between motor proficiency and mental health outcomes in young adults: a test of the environmental stress hypothesis. Human Movement Science, 53:16-23
    [NBArticle #48614]
4. Houwen S, van der Veer G, Visser J, Cantell M (2017) The relationship between motor performance and parent-rated executive functioning in 3- to 5-year-old children: what is the role of confounding variables? Human Movement Science, 53:24-36
    [NBArticle #48615]
5. Purcell C, Wilmut K, Wann JP (2017) The use of visually guided behaviour in children with developmental coordination disorder (dcd) when crossing a virtual road. Human Movement Science, 53:37-44
    [NBArticle #48616]
6. Vinçon S, Green D, Blank R, Jenetzky E (2017) Ecological validity of the german bruininks-oseretsky test of motor proficiency – 2nd edition. Human Movement Science, 53:45-54
    [NBArticle #48617]
7. McIntyre F, Parker HE, Thornton AL, Licari MK, Piek JP, Rigoli D, Hands B (2017) Assessing motor proficiency in young adults: the bruininks oseretsky test-2 short form and the mccarron assessment of neuromuscular development. Human Movement Science, 53:55-62
    [NBArticle #48618]
8. Asunta P, Viholainen H, Ahonen TP, Cantell M, Westerholm J, Schoemaker MM, Rintala P (2017) Reliability and validity of the finnish version of the motor observation questionnaire for teachers. Human Movement Science, 53:63-71
    [NBArticle #48619]
9. Johnston JS, Ali JB, Hill EL, Bremner AJ (2017) Tactile localization performance in children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) corresponds to their motor skill and not their cognitive ability. Human Movement Science, 53:72-83
    [NBArticle #47272] [Cites 2]