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Articles from Human Movement Science, 48
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1. Chang S, Yu N (2016) Comparison of motor praxis and performance in children with varying levels of developmental coordination disorder. Human Movement Science, 48:7-14
    [NBArticle #43400]
2. Silva PL, Bootsma RJ, Figueiredo PRP, Avelar BS, de Andrade AGP, Fonseca ST, Mancini MC (2016) Task difficulty and inertial properties of hand-held tools: an assessment of their concurrent effects on precision aiming. Human Movement Science, 48:161-170
    [NBArticle #43938]
3. Snapp-Childs W, Shire K, Hill LJB, Mon-Williams MA, Bingham GP (2016) Training compliance control yields improved drawing in 5–11 year old children with motor difficulties. Human Movement Science, 48:171-183
    [NBArticle #43937]