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Articles from Human Movement Science, 47
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1. Skavhaug I, Lyons KR, Nemchuk A, Muroff SD, Joshi SS (2016) Learning to modulate the partial powers of a single semg power spectrum through a novel human–computer interface. Human Movement Science, 47:60-69
    [NBArticle #43933]
2. Asonitou K, Koutsouki D (2016) Cognitive process-based subtypes of developmental coordination disorder (dcd). Human Movement Science, 47:121-134
    [NBArticle #43934]
3. Kwan MYW, King-Dowling S, Hay JA, Faught BE, Cairney J (2016) Longitudinal examination of objectively-measured physical activity and sedentary time among children with and without significant movement impairments. Human Movement Science, 47:159-165
    [NBArticle #43935]
4. Hossner E', Käch B, Enz J (2016) On the optimal degree of fluctuations in practice for motor learning. Human Movement Science, 47:231-239
    [NBArticle #43936]