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Articles from Human Movement Science, 46
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1. Farhat F, Hsairi I, Baati H, Smits-Engelsman BCM, Masmoudi K, Mchirgui R, Triki C, Moalla W (2016) The effect of a motor skills training program in the improvement of practiced and non-practiced tasks performance in children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD). Human Movement Science, 46:10-22
    [NBArticle #42920]
2. Simon A, Bock OL (2016) Influence of divergent and convergent thinking on visuomotor adaptation in young and older adults. Human Movement Science, 46:23-29
    [NBArticle #42916]
3. Alramis F, Roy E, Christian LW, Niechwiej-Szwedo E (2016) Contribution of binocular vision to the performance of complex manipulation tasks in 5–13 years old visually-normal children. Human Movement Science, 46:52-62
    [NBArticle #42917]
4. Gaul D, Issartel J (2016) Fine motor skill proficiency in typically developing children: on or off the maturation track? Human Movement Science, 46:78-85
    [NBArticle #42918]
5. Gueugnon M, Salesse RN, Coste A, Zhao Z, Bardy BG, Marin L (2016) The acquisition of socio-motor improvisation in the mirror game. Human Movement Science, 46:117-128
    [NBArticle #42919]
6. Adams ILJ, Ferguson GD, Lust JM, Steenbergen B, Smits-Engelsman BCM (2016) Action planning and position sense in children with developmental coordination disorder. Human Movement Science, 46:196-208
    [NBArticle #43930]
7. Gómez-Moya R, Díaz R, Fernandez-Ruiz J (2016) Different visuomotor processes maturation rates in children support dual visuomotor learning systems. Human Movement Science, 46:221-228
    [NBArticle #43931]
8. Rudisch J, Butler J, Izadi H, Zielinski IM, Aarts P, Birtles D, Green D (2016) Kinematic parameters of hand movement during a disparate bimanual movement task in children with unilateral cerebral palsy. Human Movement Science, 46:239-250
    [NBArticle #43932]