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Articles from Human Movement Science, 42
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1. Rafique SA, Northway N (2015) Relationship of ocular accommodation and motor skills performance in developmental coordination disorder. Human Movement Science, 42:1-14
    [NBArticle #42886]
2. Iodice P, Scuderi N, Saggini R, Pezzulo G (2015) Multiple timescales of body schema reorganization due to plastic surgery. Human Movement Science, 42:54-70
    [NBArticle #42887] [Cites 1]
3. Marinovic W, Flannery V, Riek S (2015) The effects of preparation and acoustic stimulation on contralateral and ipsilateral corticospinal excitability. Human Movement Science, 42:81-88
    [NBArticle #42888]
4. Herbort O (2015) Too much anticipation? large anticipatory adjustments of grasping movements to minimal object manipulations. Human Movement Science, 42:100-116
    [NBArticle #42889]
5. Straker LM, Howie EK, Smith A, Jensen L, Piek JP, Campbell A (2015) A crossover randomised and controlled trial of the impact of active video games on motor coordination and perceptions of physical ability in children at risk of developmental coordination disorder. Human Movement Science, 42:146-160
      [NBArticle #41728]
6. Pagliarini E, Guasti aT, Toneatto C, Granocchio E, Riva F, Sarti D, Molteni B, Stucchi N (2015) Dyslexic children fail to comply with the rhythmic constraints of handwriting. Human Movement Science, 42:161-182
    [NBArticle #42890]
7. Zelic G, Kim J, Davis C (2015) Articulatory constraints on spontaneous entrainment between speech and manual gesture. Human Movement Science, 42:232-245
    [NBArticle #42891]
8. Smits-Engelsman BCM, Magalhães LC, Oliveira MA, Wilson PH (2015) Dcd research: how are we moving along? Human Movement Science, 42:289-292
    [NBArticle #42892]
9. Smits-Engelsman BCM, Schoemaker MM, Delabastita T, Hoskens J, Geuze RH (2015) Diagnostic criteria for dcd: past and future. Human Movement Science, 42:293-306
      [NBArticle #40907] [CitedBy 1]
10. Huau A, Velay J, Jover M (2015) Graphomotor skills in children with developmental coordination disorder (dcd): handwriting and learning a new letter. Human Movement Science, 42:318-332
    [NBArticle #42893]
11. McIntyre F, Chivers P, Larkin D, Rose E, Hands B (2015) Exercise can improve physical self perceptions in adolescents with low motor competence. Human Movement Science, 42:333-343
    [NBArticle #42894]