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Articles from Human Movement Science, 41
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1. Laughlin DD, Fairbrother JT, Wrisberg CA, Alami A, Fisher LE, Huck SW (2015) Self-control behaviors during the learning of a cascade juggling task. Human Movement Science, 41:9-19
    [NBArticle #42883]
2. Garbarini F, Rabuffetti M, Piedimonte A, Solito G, Berti A (2015) Bimanual coupling effects during arm immobilization and passive movements. Human Movement Science, 41:114-126
    [NBArticle #42884]
3. Hinton DC, Vallis LA (2015) How do children complete a seated combined cognitive and motor multi-tasking paradigm? Human Movement Science, 41:179-192
    [NBArticle #42885]