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Articles from Human Movement Science, 40
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1. Rinaldi NM, Moraes R (2015) Gait and reach-to-grasp movements are mutually modified when performed simultaneously. Human Movement Science, 40:38-58
    [NBArticle #42875]
2. Biswas D, Cranny A, Gupta N, Maharatna K, Achner J, Klemke J, Jöbges M, Ortmann S (2015) Recognizing upper limb movements with wrist worn inertial sensors using k-means clustering classification. Human Movement Science, 40:59-76
    [NBArticle #42876]
3. Lin Q, Luo J, Wu Z, Shen F, Sun Z (2015) Characterization of fine motor development: dynamic analysis of children’s drawing movements. Human Movement Science, 40:163-175
    [NBArticle #42877]
4. Vieluf S, Massing M, Blandin Y, Leinen P, Panzer S (2015) The role of eye movements in motor sequence learning. Human Movement Science, 40:220-236
    [NBArticle #42878]
5. Joshi D, Missiuna CA, Hanna S, Hay JA, Faught BE, Cairney J (2015) Relationship between bmi, waist circumference, physical activity and probable developmental coordination disorder over time. Human Movement Science, 40:237-247
    [NBArticle #42879]
6. Ruitenberg MFL, Verwey WB, Abrahamse EL (2015) What determines the impact of context on sequential action? Human Movement Science, 40:298-314
    [NBArticle #42880]
7. Bock OL, Dalecki M (2015) Mental rotation of letters, body parts and scenes during whole-body tilt: role of a body-centered versus a gravitational reference frame. Human Movement Science, 40:352-358
    [NBArticle #42881]
8. Lessa HT, Chiviacowsky S (2015) Self-controlled practice benefits motor learning in older adults. Human Movement Science, 40:372-380
    [NBArticle #42882]