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Articles from Human Movement Science, 39
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1. King-Dowling S, Missiuna CA, Rodriguez MC, Greenway M, Cairney J (2015) Co-occurring motor, language and emotional–behavioral problems in children 3–6 years of age. Human Movement Science, 39:101-108
    [NBArticle #42873]
2. Schmid BC, Meindl T, Timmann D, Kolb FP, Kutz DF (2015) Motor learning of cue-dependent pull-force changes during an isometric precision grip task. Human Movement Science, 39:138-153
    [NBArticle #42874]
3. Glazebrook CM, Kiernan D, Welsh TN, Tremblay L (2015) How one breaks fitts’s law and gets away with it: moving further and faster involves more efficient online control. Human Movement Science, 39:163-176
    [NBArticle #42871]
4. Niemeijer AS, Van Waelvelde H, Smits-Engelsman BCM (2015) Crossing the north sea seems to make DCD disappear: cross-validation of movement assessment battery for children-2 norms. Human Movement Science, 39:177-188
    [NBArticle #42872] [Cites 24]