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Articles from Human Movement Science, 38
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1. Gozli DG, Bavelier D, Pratt J (2014) The effect of action video game playing on sensorimotor learning: evidence from a movement tracking task. Human Movement Science, 38:152-162
    [NBArticle #42868]
2. Rahimi-Golkhandan S, Steenbergen B, Piek JP, Wilson PH (2014) Deficits of hot executive function in developmental coordination disorder: sensitivity to positive social cues. Human Movement Science, 38:209-224
    [NBArticle #42869]
3. Duda TA, Casey JE, McNevin N (2014) Variability of kinematic graphomotor fluency in adults with adhd. Human Movement Science, 38:1331-342
    [NBArticle #42870]