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Articles from Human Movement Science, 37
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1. Maurer LK, Sammer G, Bischoff M, Maurer H, Müller H (2014) Timing accuracy in self-timed movements related to neural indicators of movement initiation. Human Movement Science, 37:42-57
    [NBArticle #42864]
2. Saito H, Yamanaka M, Kasahara S, Fukushima J (2014) Relationship between improvements in motor performance and changes in anticipatory postural adjustments during whole-body reaching training. Human Movement Science, 37:69-86
    [NBArticle #42865]
3. Van Damme S, Van Hulle L, Danneels L, Spence C, Crombez G (2014) The effect of chronic low back pain on tactile suppression during back movements. Human Movement Science, 37:87-100
    [NBArticle #42866]
4. Spector JT, Yong R, Altenmüller E, Jabusch H (2014) Biographic and behavioral factors are associated with music-related motor skills in children pianists. Human Movement Science, 37:157-166
    [NBArticle #42867]