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Articles from Human Movement Science, 33
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1. Wilhelm LA, Martin JR, Latash ML, Zatsiorsky VM (2014) Finger enslaving in the dominant and non-dominant hand. Human Movement Science, 33:185-193
    [NBArticle #42849]
2. Inoue Y, Sakaguchi Y (2014) Periodic change in phase relationship between target and hand motion during visuo-manual tracking task: behavioral evidence for intermittent control. Human Movement Science, 33:211-226
    [NBArticle #42850]
3. Conson M, Trojano L, Vitale C, Mazzarella E, Allocca R, Barone P, Grossi D, Santangelo G (2014) The role of embodied simulation in mental transformation of whole-body images: evidence from parkinson’s disease. Human Movement Science, 33:343-353
    [NBArticle #42851]
4. Paz-Villagrán V, Danna J, Velay J (2014) Lifts and stops in proficient and dysgraphic handwriting. Human Movement Science, 33:381-394
    [NBArticle #42852]
5. Jelsma D, Geuze RH, Mombarg R, Smits-Engelsman BCM (2014) The impact of wii fit intervention on dynamic balance control in children with probable developmental coordination disorder and balance problems. Human Movement Science, 33:404-418
    [NBArticle #42853]