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Articles from Human Movement Science, 32(5)
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1. Piek JP, Hands B, Gasson N (2013) Motor control and human skill. Human Movement Science, 32(5):1083-1085
    [NBArticle #42845]
2. Piek JP, McLaren S, Kane RT, Jensen L, Dender A, Roberts C, Rooney R, Packer T, Straker LM (2013) Does the animal fun program improve motor performance in children aged 4–6 years? Human Movement Science, 32(5):1086-1096
    [NBArticle #42846]
3. Rigoli D, Piek JP, Kane RT, Whillier A, Baxter C, Wilson PH (2013) An 18-month follow-up investigation of motor coordination and working memory in primary school children. Human Movement Science, 32(5):1116-1126
    [NBArticle #42847]
4. Wilson PH, Hyde CEA (2013) The development of rapid online control in children aged 6–12 years: reaching performance. Human Movement Science, 32(5):1138-1150
    [NBArticle #36396] [Cites 1] [CitedBy 1]
5. Smits-Engelsman BCM, Wilson PH (2013) Age-related changes in motor imagery from early childhood to adulthood: probing the internal representation of speed-accuracy trade-offs. Human Movement Science, 32(5):1151-1162
    [NBArticle #42848]