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Articles from Human Movement Science, 27(5)
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1. Piek JP, Dawson L, Smith LM, Gasson M (2008) The role of early fine and gross motor development on later motor and cognitive ability. Human Movement Science, 27(5):668-681
  [NBArticle #41357] [CitedBy 1]
2. Smits-Engelsman BCM, Duysens J (2008) The line copy task for kinesthesia and internal movement representation: Application in children. Human Movement Science, 27(5):682-694
      [NBArticle #27451]
3. Plumb MS, Wilson AD, Mulroue A, Brockman A, Williams J, Mon-Williams MA (2008) Online corrections in children with and without dcd. Human Movement Science, 27(5):695-704
      [NBArticle #34230] [Cites 10] [CitedBy 4]
4. Oliveira MA, Shim JK (2008) Age-related changes in multi-finger interactions in adults during maximum voluntary finger force production tasks. Human Movement Science, 27(5):714-727
    [NBArticle #24399]