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Articles from Human Brain Mapping, 30(3)
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1. Van Overwalle F (2009) Social cognition and the brain: a meta-analysis. Human Brain Mapping, 30(3):829-858
    [NBArticle #33440] [Cites 2] [CitedBy 3]
2. Hodzic A, Muckli L, Singer W, Stirn A (2009) Cortical responses to self and others. Human Brain Mapping, 30(3):951-962
      [NBArticle #28300] [Cites 4] [CitedBy 7]
3. Blickenstorfer A, Kleiser R, Keller T, Keisker B, Meyer M, Riener R, Kollias SS (2009) Cortical and subcortical correlates of functional electrical stimulation of wrist extensor and flexor muscles revealed by fmri. Human Brain Mapping, 30(3):963-975
      [NBArticle #50194]
4. Babiloni C, Vecchio F, Iacoboni M, Buffo P, Eusebi F, Rossini PM (2007) Cortical sources of visual evoked potentials during consciousness of executive processes. Human Brain Mapping, 30(3):998-1013
    [NBArticle #29814] [Cites 1]