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Articles from Experimental Neurology, 217(2)
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1. Pierno AC, Turella L, Grossi P, Tubaldi F, Calabrese M, Perini P, Barachino L, Morra A, Gallo P, Castiello U (2009) Investigation of the neural correlates underlying action observation in multiple sclerosis patients. Experimental Neurology, 217(2):252-257
    [NBArticle #28256]
2. Gofton TE, Chouinard PA, Young GB, Bihari F, Nicolle MW, Lee DH, Sharpe MD, Yen Y, Takahashi AM, Mirsattari SM (2009) Functional mri study of the primary somatosensory cortex in comatose survivors of cardiac arrest. Experimental Neurology, 217(2):320-327
      [NBArticle #50192]