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Articles from Experimental Brain Research, 235(5)
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1. Milner AD (2017) How do the two visual streams interact with each other? Experimental Brain Research, 235(5):1297-1308
    [NBArticle #48122]
2. Kyguoliene L, Skurvydas A, Eimantas N, Baranauskienė N, Mickeviciene D, Urboniene D, Cernych M, Brazaitis M (2017) Effect of constant, predictable, and unpredictable motor tasks on motor performance and blood markers of stress. Experimental Brain Research, 235(5):1323-1336
    [NBArticle #48123]
3. Gulde P, Hermsdörfer J (2017) Both hands at work: the effect of aging on upper-limb kinematics in a multi-step activity of daily living. Experimental Brain Research, 235(5):1337-1348
    [NBArticle #48124]
4. Esposti R, Bruttini C, Bolzoni F, Cavallari P (2017) Anticipatory postural adjustments associated with reaching movements are programmed according to the availability of visual information. Experimental Brain Research, 235(5):1349-1360
    [NBArticle #48125]
5. Takahashi C, Watt SJ (2017) Optimal visual-haptic integration with articulated tools. Experimental Brain Research, 235(5):1361-1373
    [NBArticle #47594] [Cites 1]
6. Mathew H, Kunde W, Herbort O (2017) Inverting the planning gradient: adjustment of grasps to late segments of multi-step object manipulations. Experimental Brain Research, 235(5):1397-1409
    [NBArticle #48113]
7. Rao PT, Guddattu V, Solomon JM (2017) Response abilities of children with down syndrome and other intellectual developmental disorders. Experimental Brain Research, 235(5):1411-1427
    [NBArticle #48114]
8. Johari K, Behroozmand R (2017) Premotor neural correlates of predictive motor timing for speech production and hand movement: evidence for a temporal predictive code in the motor system. Experimental Brain Research, 235(5):1439-1453
    [NBArticle #48115]
9. Wang C, Boyle JB, Dai B, Shea CH (2017) Do accuracy requirements change bimanual and unimanual control processes similarly? Experimental Brain Research, 235(5):1467-1479
    [NBArticle #48116]
10. Chieffi S, Villano I, Iavarone A, Messina A, Monda V, Viggiano A, Messina G, Monda M (2017) Manual asymmetry for temporal and spatial parameters in sensorimotor synchronization. Experimental Brain Research, 235(5):1511-1518
    [NBArticle #48117]
11. Wilmut K, Barnett AL (2017) When an object appears unexpectedly: anticipatory movement and object circumvention in individuals with and without developmental coordination disorder. Experimental Brain Research, 235(5):1531-1540
    [NBArticle #48118]
12. Du Y, Clark JE, Whitall J (2017b) Timing at peak force may be the hidden target controlled in continuation and synchronization tapping. Experimental Brain Research, 235(5):1541-1554
    [NBArticle #48119]
13. Oku T, Furuya S (2017) Skilful force control in expert pianists. Experimental Brain Research, 235(5):1603-1615
    [NBArticle #48120]
14. Li Z, Milutinović D, Rosen J (2017) From reaching to reach-to-grasp: the arm posture difference and its implications on human motion control strategy. Experimental Brain Research, 235(5):1627-1642
    [NBArticle #48121]