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Articles from Experimental Brain Research, 235(4)
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1. Ziemann U (2017) Thirty years of transcranial magnetic stimulation: where do we stand? Experimental Brain Research, 235(4):973-984
    [NBArticle #47852]
2. Vieluf S, Aschersleben G, Panzer S (2017) Lifespan development of the bilateral deficit in a simple reaction time task. Experimental Brain Research, 235(4):985-992
    [NBArticle #47853]
3. Witek MAG, Popescu T, Clarke EF, Hansen M, Konvalinka I, Kringelbach ML, Vuust P (2017) Syncopation affects free body-movement in musical groove. Experimental Brain Research, 235(4):995-1005
    [NBArticle #47854]
4. Chan J, Heath M (2017) Haptic feedback attenuates illusory bias in pantomime-grasping: evidence for a visuo-haptic calibration. Experimental Brain Research, 235(4):1041-1051
    [NBArticle #47855]
5. Lohmann J, Rolke B, Butz MV (2017) In touch with mental rotation: interactions between mental and tactile rotations and motor responses. Experimental Brain Research, 235(4):1063-1079
    [NBArticle #47856]
6. Cunningham DA, Roelle SM, Allexandre D, Potter-Baker KA, Sankarasubramanian V, Knutson JS, Yue GH, Machado AG, Plow EB (2017) The effect of motor overflow on bimanual asymmetric force coordination. Experimental Brain Research, 235(4):1097-1105
    [NBArticle #47857]
7. Babikian S, Kanso E, Kutch JJ (2017) Cortical activity predicts good variation in human motor output. Experimental Brain Research, 235(4):1139-1147
    [NBArticle #47858]
8. Solnik S, Qiao M, Latash ML (2017) Effects of visual feedback and memory on unintentional drifts in performance during finger-pressing tasks. Experimental Brain Research, 235(4):1149-1162
    [NBArticle #47859]
9. Marzoli D, Lucafò C, Rescigno C, Mussini E, Padulo C, Prete G, D'Anselmo A, Malatesta G, Tommasi L (2017) Sex-specific effects of posture on the attribution of handedness to an imagined agent. Experimental Brain Research, 235(4):1163-1171
    [NBArticle #47860]
10. Gorman JC, Amazeen PG, Crites MJ, Gipson CL (2017) Deviations from mirroring in interpersonal multifrequency coordination when visual information is occluded. Experimental Brain Research, 235(4):1209-1221
    [NBArticle #47861]
11. Martel M, Harvey M, Houde F, Balg F, Goffaux P, LĂ©onard G (2017) Unravelling the effect of experimental pain on the corticomotor system using transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroencephalography. Experimental Brain Research, 235(4):1223-1231
    [NBArticle #47862]
12. Fialho JVAP, Tresilian JR (2017) Intercepting accelerated moving targets: effects of practice on movement performance. Experimental Brain Research, 235(4):1257-1268
    [NBArticle #47863]
13. Rounis E, Zhang Z, Pizzamiglio G, Duta M, Humphreys GW (2017) Factors influencing planning of a familiar grasp to an object: what it is to pick a cup. Experimental Brain Research, 235(4):1281-1296
    [NBArticle #47599] [Cites 1]