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Articles from Experimental Brain Research, 235(1)
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1. Reschechtko S, Zatsiorsky VM, Latash ML (2017) The synergic control of multi-finger force production: stability of explicit and implicit task components. Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):1-14
    [NBArticle #47306]
2. Maslovat D, Chua R, Franks IM (2017) Investigation of timing preparation during response initiation and execution using a startling acoustic stimulus. Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):15-27
    [NBArticle #47307]
3. Tremblay L, Crainic VA, De Grosbois J, Bhattacharjee A, Kennedy A, Hansen S, Welsh TN (2017) An optimal velocity for online limb-target regulation processes? Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):29-40
    [NBArticle #47308]
4. Greeley B, Seidler RD (2017) Mood induction effects on motor sequence learning and stop signal reaction time. Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):41-56
    [NBArticle #47309]
5. Du X, Choa F, Summerfelt A, Rowland LM, Chiappelli J, Kochunov P, Hong LE (2017) N100 as a generic cortical electrophysiological marker based on decomposition of tms-evoked potentials across five anatomic locations. Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):69-81
    [NBArticle #47310]
6. Runnalls KD, Anson G, Byblow WD (2017) Posture interacts with arm weight support to modulate corticomotor excitability to the upper limb. Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):97-107
    [NBArticle #47311]
7. Shibuya S, Unenaka S, Ohki Y (2017) Body ownership and agency: task-dependent effects of the virtual hand illusion on proprioceptive drift. Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):121-134
      [NBArticle #46069] [Cites 3]
8. Roy C, Dalla Bella S, Lagarde J (2017) To bridge or not to bridge the multisensory time gap: bimanual coordination to sound and touch with temporal lags. Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):135-151
    [NBArticle #47312]
9. Wagman JB, Langley MD, Higuchi T (2017) Turning perception on its head: cephalic perception of whole and partial length of a wielded object. Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):153-167
    [NBArticle #47313]
10. Schaeffner LF, Welchman AE (2017) Mapping the visual brain areas susceptible to phosphene induction through brain stimulation. Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):205-217
    [NBArticle #47314]
11. Temprado J, Vieluf S, Sleimen-Malkoun R (2017) Age-related changes in force control under different task contexts. Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):231-246
    [NBArticle #47315]
12. Blinch J, de Cellio Martins G, Chua R (2017) Effects of integrated feedback on discrete bimanual movements in choice reaction time. Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):247-257
    [NBArticle #47316]
13. Bradstreet LE, Hecht EE, King TZ, Turner JA, Robins DL (2017) Associations between autistic traits and fractional anisotropy values in white matter tracts in a nonclinical sample of young adults. Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):259-267
    [NBArticle #47317]
14. Sobierajewicz J, Przekoracka-Krawczyk A, Jaƛkowski W, Verwey WB, van der Lubbe RHJ (2017) The influence of motor imagery on the learning of a fine hand motor skill. Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):305-320
    [NBArticle #47303]
15. Haberland K, Uygur M (2017) Simultaneous assessment of hand function and neuromuscular quickness through a static object manipulation task in healthy adults. Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):321-329
    [NBArticle #47304]
16. Colino FL, Lee J, Binsted G (2017) Availability of vision and tactile gating: vision enhances tactile sensitivity. Experimental Brain Research, 235(1):341-348
    [NBArticle #47305]