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Articles from Experimental Brain Research, 234(12)
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1. Puri R, Hinder MR, Canty AJ, Summers JJ (2016) Facilitatory non-invasive brain stimulation in older adults: the effect of stimulation type and duration on the induction of motor cortex plasticity. Experimental Brain Research, 234(12):3411-3423
    [NBArticle #46407]
2. Malaia E, Seitzman B, Coppess K (2016) Altered brain network dynamics in youths with autism spectrum disorder. Experimental Brain Research, 234(12):3425-3431
    [NBArticle #46408]
3. Yacyshyn AF, Woo EJ, Price MC, McNeil CJ (2016) Motoneuron responsiveness to corticospinal tract stimulation during the silent period induced by transcranial magnetic stimulation. Experimental Brain Research, 234(12):3457-3463
    [NBArticle #46409]
4. Mikulić A, Hoffmann K (2016) Primate superior colliculus neurons activated by unexpected sensation. Experimental Brain Research, 234(12):3465-3471
    [NBArticle #46410]
5. Lee B, Thrasher TA, Layne CS, Martin BJ (2016) Vibrotactile cuing revisited to reveal a possible challenge to sensorimotor adaptation. Experimental Brain Research, 234(12):3523-3530
    [NBArticle #46411]
6. Cornelis C, De Picker LJ, De Boer P, Dumont G, Coppens V, Morsel A, Janssens L, Timmers M, Sabbe B, Morrens M, Hulstijn W (2016) Implicit motor sequence learning in schizophrenia and in old age: reduced performance only in the third session. Experimental Brain Research, 234(12):3531-3542
    [NBArticle #46412]
7. Sallard E, Tallet J, Thut G, Deiber M, Barral J (2016) Age-related changes in post-movement beta synchronization during a selective inhibition task. Experimental Brain Research, 234(12):3543-3553
    [NBArticle #46413]
8. Fraser LE, Harris LR (2016) Perceived finger orientation is biased towards functional task spaces. Experimental Brain Research, 234(12):3565-3574
    [NBArticle #46414]
9. Ambike SS, Mattos DJS, Zatsiorsky VM, Latash ML (2016) Unsteady steady-states: central causes of unintentional force drift. Experimental Brain Research, 234(12):3597-3611
    [NBArticle #46415]
10. Johnstone LT, Carey DP (2016) Do left hand reaction time advantages depend on localising unpredictable targets? Experimental Brain Research, 234(12):3625-3632
    [NBArticle #46416]
11. Hoover AEN, Harris LR (2016) Inducing ownership over an ‘other’ perspective with a visuo-tactile manipulation. Experimental Brain Research, 234(12):3633-3639
    [NBArticle #46417] [Cites 1]
12. Mooney RA, Coxon JP, Cirillo J, Glenny H, Gant N, Byblow WD (2016) Acute aerobic exercise modulates primary motor cortex inhibition. Experimental Brain Research, 234(12):3669-3676
    [NBArticle #46418]
13. Ogawa K, Imai F (2016) Hand-independent representation of tool-use pantomimes in the left anterior intraparietal cortex. Experimental Brain Research, 234(12):3677-3687
    [NBArticle #46419]
14. Lam CK, Tokuno CD, Staines WR, Bent LR (2016) The direction of the postural response to a vestibular perturbation is mediated by the cerebellar vermis. Experimental Brain Research, 234(12):3689-3697
    [NBArticle #46420]